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JPO to Help Smaller Firms, Start-Ups Protect Intellectual Property
The Japan Patent Office (JPO) will take steps to enable small and medium-sized firms to register a patent at half the current cost, or about 200,000 yen,
by fiscal 2019 starting April. It currently costs a total of roughly 400,000 yen to register a patent, including the cost for the application and examination fees. Small-and medium-sized firms possess unique technology, but it is believed that many have not taken steps to protect their intellectual property rights. The JPO is taking steps to make the cost for registering a patent the lowest among the main industrialized countries in a bid to strengthen the protective edge of domestic firms. In addition the JPO will take steps to back up startups to acquire intellectual property. It plans to launch a group of experts that will include lawyers to provide advice about how to apply and gain a patent.

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---as of October thru December in 2017---

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Kawasaki, ABB to Work Together on Robot Automation
Japanese Researchers Discover 3 Drugs Combined May Provide Alzheimer Treatment
Takeda to Lure Researchers to Its Shonan Research Center
Tokyo Denki University Develops Scalpel that Safely Removes Tumor with Water

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