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related to an article in "Patents & Licensing" 2012 February issue [check Back Issue].

Japanese Inventor Wins Judgment Against Apple For "Click Wheel"

The Tokyo District Court on Sept. 26, 2013 awarded -- after a half a dozen years of proceedings -- a judgment to the amount of some 330 million yen in favor of an individual inventor, an early retiree of a major Japanese company aged 56, for patent infringement by Apple Corp.; the case involved the "Click Wheel" operational device, used for selection and speed adjustment of certain music retrieval equipment among other electronic products. The lawsuit had been filed in February of 2007.

The inventor, who owns a patent for a circular switch like the one made popular by Apple's "mobile musical player" iPod, had asked for ten billion yen in damages. The judges did not award the full amount as per the claim but did provide a temporary ruling to enable the plaintiff to collect damages from Apple immediately, without the need to await finalization upon appeals that are expected to follow. Apple is most likely going to file appeals regarding the Tokyo District Court decision soon.

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---Patent & Lawsuit---
Nikon Files Lawsuit in U.S. for Design Patent and Trade Dress Infringement (Oct. 15, 2013)
ITC Institutes Section 337 Investigation of Certain Point-to-point Network Communication Devices, Products (Sep. 4, 2013)

---M & A / Licensing---
Sumitomo Enters into Comprehensive Agreement with Gas Technology Institute (Nov. 15)
Automobili Lamborghini ACSL Establishes Laboratory at NITech (Nov. 12)
Nisshinbo To Establish Joint Venture with German Firm for EBS Valve Blocks in China (Nov. 6)
Fujifilm, Heidelberg Join Forces in Inkjet Printing (Nov. 5)
HOYA to Set-up Joint Venture with Wassenburg Medical in Endoscopy (Oct. 31)
NTT Com Agrees to Wholly Acquire Virtela, Cloud Networking Provider (Oct. 28)
MHI Develops Electro-assist MET Turbocharger to Achieve 30% Energy Saving, with Calnetix Technologies (Oct. 17)
Hitachi High-Tech, U.S. Co. Agree to Develop Human Chromosome Mapping Analytical Service (Oct. 16)
Astellas, Mitokyne to Pursue Mitochondria-related Disease Therapies (Oct. 7)
Yaskawa Collaborates with Switch Engineering Corporation in Windgen Business Field (Oct 02)
Asahi Kasei Pharma, Launch of Drug Discovery Collaboration with Vernalis plc (Oct. 1)
Sumitomo Sells Half Of UK Water Supply Subsidiary To Osaka Gas (Sep. 30)
Fujifilm, imec Develop New Organic Semiconductors Photoresist Tech Realizing Submicron Patterns (Sep. 26)
DENSO Buys Into German Image Recognition Tech Company (Sep 26)
LIXIL Obtains World-famous GROHE Brand (Sep. 26)
Yaskawa Buys Into Exoskeleton Maker ARGO Medical Technologies (Sep 25)
Eisai Enters into Collaborative Agreement with Selvita to Create Novel Anticancer Agents (Sep. 18)
Takeda, Arbor Announce Licensing Agreement for EDARBI and EDARBYCLOR (Sep. 13)
JSR Expands Bioprocess Offerings Through Strategic Investment and Commercial Partnership with Natrix Separations (Sep.11)
Suntory Notification Regarding Partial GlaxoSmithKline Buyout(Sep. 9)
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Acquires Astex Pharmaceuticals (Sep. 5)

---High Technology---
NEC Provides Vector Supercomputer with Fastest Core Performance (Nov. 15)
NEC Tech Reducing Cellular Network Processing Through Mobile Terminal Location Estimations (Oct. 2)
NEC Develops Advanced Lithium Ion Battery With High-Energy Density (Oct. 1)
Renesas Electronics Announces New Automotive Info Device, Dashboard Solutions Systems-on-Chip (Sep. 26)
MHI Receives Telesat's New High Throughput Satellite Launch Order (Sep. 26)
NTT Communications Doubling UK Server Room Area With New DC (Sep. 19)
Successful Development of 19-Core Simultaneous Pumped Optical Amplifier (Sep. 18)
DENSO To Expand German Engineering Centers (Sep. 12)
Kurita Develops New Series of Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals (Sep. 2)

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